CDL Playoffs 2020: Pros become frustrated as booting issue continues

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Day two of the CDL Playoffs 2020 have finished and two more teams advance further in the tournament. However, the biggest talking point has been certain pro players being booted offline during the matches.

In day one of the CDL Playoffs, drama ensued after pros being hit offline during crucial points in the game. Because of the current CDL rules, the matches cannot be restarted which has caused widespread discontent among the professional community.

OpTic Gaming player, Kenny, was booted offline in yesterday’s matches which resulted in OpTic bringing in a substitute. His teammate, Slasher, was extremely vocal on social media about the issue and believes the tournament “needed to be postponed”.

London Royal Ravens player, Zer0, experienced the same issues on day two. Ravens then went on to lose the match and fall to the losers bracket.

Slasher and Zer0 are only two among many that are outraged by the current situation. Zer0 branded the league “brainless” in a rage-fuelled tweet after the series loss.

Despite the infuriating online issues, the tournament must go on. London Royal Ravens and Minnesota Rokkr were knocked into the losers bracket. Meanwhile, New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra advance in winners bracket.

Ultra clinch the win against Royal Ravens

Toronto Ultra began the series strongly and took the 1-0 lead after winning the Hardpoint. However, Royal Ravens put up a fight and took the S&D 6-3.

Ultra then won the third map and a controversial fourth map to close out the win. Zer0 was booted offline during the second Hardpoint which undoubtedly tilted the odds in Ultra’s favour.

Toronto now move on to winners round two whilst Royal Ravens drop to losers bracket which makes their job a lot tougher.

Subliners stun the Rokkr

New York Subliners have had an extremely up and down season. They came out hot against Minnesota and put themselves 1-0 up.

Exceed and Assault then stole the show in the S&D as Minnesota levelled it at 1-1.

The Subliners then closed out the series 3-1 and sent Minnesota down to the losers bracket.

After a shaky couple of days for the CDL, things sadly don’t look like they are going to change. With $4.6 million on the line, the players are growing evermore frustrated with the current situation.

What do you think could be done to help it?

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