G2 is the LEC 2020 Summer Champion, defeating Fnatic 3-0

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G2 Esports has claimed victory in the LEC Summer Finals 2020, collecting their eighth championship, and their fourth consecutive title. The victory came over rivals Fnatic, who were also looking for their eighth title. In three dramatic games, G2 were able to capitalise on mistakes in order to become the LEC 2020 Summer Champion.

Things started well for Fnatic. A closely fought game saw both teams misplay, but eventually the raw scaling of Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther would wrap things up.

Game two initially fared better with Oskar “Selfmade” Boderekon on Hecarim. Combined with the rare and unorthodox Zilean top, the spectral centaur could speed his way into ganks and team fights, causing havoc the G2. However, like death and taxes, Caps getting fed is inevitable. After a pair of misplays which saw members of Fnatic caught out of position, G2 were able to take an elder drake and secure the second victory.

Game three started disastrously for Fnatic as Caps zoned Fnatic’s Corki mid, and attempts to stabilize nemesis just let G2 snowball even further. The choice by selfmade to run Ignite/Smite rather than flash robbed the already short ranged graves of a vital piece of mobility, but allowed him to claw back the lead for Fnatic. Some questionable decisions by Mikyx who seemed to try and make up for missing Nautilus hooks by forcing engagements.

A dramatic fight at the Infernal Drake would seem to close things as Caps’ Syndra demolished Fnatic, and the team would attempt to wrap things up from there. But a series of incredible holds from Fnatic delayed G2, until eventually an incredible back door play from Caps would wrap things up.

Taking home the title, G2 must now prepare to head to Worlds 2020. Last year, the squad were the runners up of the entire event. Expectations for the team are another return to the final.

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