The Countdown Cup’s opening weekend was heated

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The final tournament of the Overwatch League 2020 season has begun. Many of the teams that competed over the weekend needed a win to keep the dream of playoffs alive. The Countdown Cup is the final tournament of the regular 2020 season. The wins that teams secure in the tournament will only benefit them going into Playoffs in September.

The Fusion Control Countdown Cup

The Countdown Cup kicked off over the weekend with the Philadelphia Fusion maintaining dominance in North America. The Fusion is currently the #1 team in North America after delivering a 3-0 loss to the Dallas Fuel and L.A. Valiant. The clean wins were exactly what the former champions needed, putting them in a favourable position fo the Countdown Cup.

The Vancouver Titans lost a close match to the Toronto Defiant, slipping up on Lijiang Tower and handing the Defiant the win. Vancouver was able to claim victory over the Boston Uprising but, it could be their last win of the year. The Titans’ 2020 season has been a downhill derby, losing matches that should be within their reach. The 2020 Vancouver Titans are not the same as the 2019 Vancouver Titans, and the hope is that 2021 will be better.

The latter half of the 2020 season has been monumental for the Philadelphia Fusion and Paris Eternal. The San Francisco Shock were expected to make it this far, but the other two have clawed their way to the top three of North America. The Eternal has been on a hot streak, wiping out every team they face. Week 24 and 25 featured a few unfair matchups benefiting the Paris Eternal, but the wins don’t deter from their fame. Already the Paris squad has defeated the San Francisco Shock and the Philadelphia Fusion, the only two teams standing between them and another tournament title.

Shanghai Dragons Dominate in the East

In Asia, the Shanghai Dragons have continued their reign of terror and the Seoul Dynasty maintained their losing streak. The last two weekends have set up a narrative for the Countdown Cup in which the Shanghai Dragons and Chengdu Hunters compete in the Finals. The Seoul Dynasty have failed to show up and perform in recent months. They have lost to nearly every team in Asia, and can’t seem to find their footing. They lost 2-3 to the Chengdu Hunters who are currently thriving and went on to defeat the Hangzhou Spark 3-0.

The Dragons in the East have maintained a tight grip on the Asia region. The New York Excelsior provided little resistance against the Dragons over the weekend. New York has had a less than favourable season this year, but are still a team of highly capable players. In Week 25 the Dragons took out the Seoul Dynasty 3-0, and the London Spitfire, 3-2. London has fleeting moments of greatness but lacks the consistency needed to win a tournament.

The Countdown Cup had a fiery opening weekend and it is only expected to get better. Not only do teams want the tournament title, but they are also fighting for a spot in the Playoffs. For some teams, the Countdown Cup is their final chance at making an appearance in the postseason.