Nigma defeat Team Liquid in the DPC Europe Regional League Upper Bracket

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After waiting nearly a whole year, the DPC is finally back. Alongside a few new teams, the DPC has an entirely new format that allows the lower-tier teams to qualify for the big events. What’s really interesting is that we have two different brackets – the Lower Division and the Upper Division. Naturally, the second is the most interesting to watch as every world-class team can be found there.

Team Liquid vs Nigma

One of the most interesting series during the first week of the DPC was between Team Liquid and Nigma. People were really interested in this series because the two teams played several times against each other in 2020.

Although most people expected Liquid to be victorious, Nigma managed to win the series with a score of 1:2. Although Team Liquid had a very strong start after quickly ripping through their enemies, Miracle- and his team-mates managed to win two games in a row.

Following their victory, Nigma is currently occupying the first spot in their group. If you want to watch more epic Dota 2 games, make sure you check the schedule and watch the game live.

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