Mudgolems put an end to Team Secret’s 4 month streak

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Ever since COVID-19 took over the world and the Dota 2 pro scene moved to an online format, Team Secret has easily been the most dominant team. In fact, they’ve won pretty much every tournament that they’ve played in.

However, it seems their luck has come to an end, as they’ve finally lost against Mudgolems. This was their first loss in over four months, which means that they will have to play in the LB of ESL One Germany.

What happened?

Needless to say, Mudgolems was an underdog in this series. In fact, most expected Team Secret to rip through them, but this never happened. Fata- and his team-mates had a four-day break and it seems that they used that time to learn about Secret’s weak spots.

The first game of the series looked pretty even during the drafting stage. Nonetheless, Mudgolems’ last pick Chaos Knight proved to be a little bit too strong for Secret to deal with. Furthermore, the team also used their IO and Undying for rotations around the map, which allowed them to have enough space for their cores to farm. Although Secret tried to bounce back, their efforts were futile and they had to concede game one.

Victory had a massive effect on Mudgolems. Even though the panel didn’t give them much chance, Fata and Co. also dominated in the second game of this amazing series.

They decided to pick IO yet again, but instead of pairing him with CK, they went for Sven. This is one of those heroes that’s capable of winning the game on his own, as long as he gets a good start.

Team Secret tried to stick more to the meta, picking Phantom Assassin. This hero is generally considered to be a good pick against Sven, but it didn’t work this time.

The game began relatively slow as neither team was willing to make risky moves. However, once Sven got his core items, things quickly changed for the worse for Secret.

They didn’t really have an answer for Mudgolem’s aggression, which meant they had no other option but to use the GG call. Following the loss, Team Secret will have to play in the LB of the event. On the other side, Mudgolems have secured themselves a top-three finish at ESL One Germany.

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