OMEGA League Europe CIS Qualifiers: The teams to watch

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August is usually the most interesting month for every Dota 2 player out there. This is when players get the chance to compete in the biggest Esports even in the world – The International. However, due to COVID-19, Valve has decided to postpone the event. So, instead of watching the best teams in the world playing live for $30,000,000, we have to watch online tournaments to stay satisfied.

In the online tournament space, there is one that stands out – the OMEGA League. This is an event that brings together the best teams from Europe, CIS, China, SA, and NA. Although all regions are pretty fun to watch, Europe and CIS definitely bring the most hype.

We still have a few weeks until this event begins. However, the closed qualifiers kicked off this week, where we were blessed to see some great teams battling it out.

Group A

Cyber Legacy is the team that stands out in Group A. The Russian team had little to no trouble against Khan and will now play against Team Empire. Needless to say, this is the squad that most consider a favourite in this group.

Group B

The second group contains a few teams who have a legit chance to win. Nonetheless, the team that stands out is HellRaisers. HR were expected to be among the directly invited squads, especially after their performance in the last couple of months. However, it seems the organizers decided to put them to the test.

After winning against Voldemort, they will now have to go up against Omegalil. Do not miss the series because it stands to be pretty epic.

Group C

There are two pretty good teams here that many people want to see in the big event – B8 and 5men. The second team has managed to win today, which means that they will wait to see what will happen between B8 and MOTACI. If Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and his team-mates win, they will have to go toe to toe with their biggest enemies in this group.

Group D

The last group in these qualifiers is also an arena of epic action. There is one team that stands above the rest on paper, and that’s Team Unique. The CIS powerhouse is in excellent form recently, which is why we believe that they will be among the winners moving into the main tournament.

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