Team Secret wins the OGA Dota PIT Season 3

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It seems like nothing can stop the march of Team Secret. The European powerhouse managed to win yet another tournament after a nearly flawless performance. This victory means that Team Secron has won its last 8 Grand Finals.

What happened?

Team Secret had little to no problems winning this event. The team ripped through their competition like a knife through butter and had to play against VP.Prodigy in the grand final. VPP is one of the biggest surprises of the event and proved yet again that this is the future of the CIS Dota 2 scene.

Sadly, the team was unable to stop Team Secret from winning yet another event. Game one was really close as both Team Secret and VP.Prodigy had a good laning stage. In fact, VPP even took the lead at one point, but after a few wrong moves, the Europeans managed to regain control of the game. Needless to say, a team that’s as experienced as Team Secret managed to keep the lead and won the first game of the series.

It seems that the loss had a negative impact on VP.P’s performance as they couldn’t do much in game two. Unlike the first game of the series where they were really aggressive, the CIS team played super defensively. They’ve decided to pick heroes that have plenty of team-fight potential, but Team Secret knew how to deal with it. After just 33 minutes, Team Secret was able to deliver a knock-out punch and claimed the victory.

Just one game away from winning the event, Team Secret looked unstoppable. They decided to pick some of their best heroes and absolutely crushed their enemies. As a result, they became the OGA DOta PIT Season 3 champions.

Don’t forget to watch the other upcoming events. Even though we’re still waiting to hear more about TI 10, there are plenty of games worth watching.

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