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Backlash after MAD Lions “owner” Slams Carzzy in Twitter Rant

Social media erupted late on Sunday evening (Oct 24) as it appeared that one of MAD Lion’s owners had heavily criticized the performance of Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság in a post on Twitter.

The tweet by “Revenant”, whose Twitter bio described him as a MAD Lions Co-owner, was a scathing critique of MAD Lion’s starting AD player. Roughly translated to english, the tweet stated that Elyoya and Kaiser are trying to carry the rest of the team. The tweet also claimed that Revenant thinks Carzzy is not good enough for the LEC level, and if it were up to him he’d have put Victor “Flakked” Lirola in as a sub.

Fans and personalities instantly jumped to the defense of Carzzy who felt it was incredibly unprofessional for an “owner” to criticize a player in this manner. 

However, in a tweet posted some time later, it was revealed that Revenant was not a MAD Lions owner at all. He was instead a partnered content creator who’d taken it upon himself to add the “co-owner” title to his Twitter profile.

In a statement by MAD Lions, the team backed Carzzy and stated they fully supported the team and all of its players.  

MAD Lions were eliminated from Worlds 2021 in a Quarter Finals match on the afternoon of Oct 24. The team managed to successfully navigate the group stage and put on a good showing for most of the tournament.  

However, many feel they faced one of the eventual finalists of the tournament in DWG Kia. MAD Lions were the last LEC team remaining in Worlds 2021.

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Worlds 2021: Beyond Gaming Mid Laner Banned in Gambling Scandal

Worlds 2021 was hit by scandal yesterday evening (October 8) as Taiwanese team Beyond Gaming saw one of it’s players banned from the event for gambling related offences. 

Riot Games announced that PCS mid laner, Chien “Maoan” Mao-An, had been banned in a competitive ruling posted on their social media late last night. 

The ruling, attributed to Tom Martel, Riot Director of Operations, stated that Maoan had violated Rule 9.3 of the 2021 World Championship Ruleset (sic). Breaking of this rule, pertaining to gambling, mean that he would be suspended for the remainder of Worlds 2021, pending an investigation.

According to leaked texts and documents, it appears Maoan distributed details of his Champion picks ahead of their game against Galatasaray. The series, which Beyond Gaming won 3-2, was a crucial juncture in the Worlds 2021 play-in phase. 

The inside information could have been used to make wagers on betting sites. Champion picks are just one of many stakes esports gamblers can make on League of Legends.

Former player Michael “bigfatlp” Tang weighed in, detailing his take on the leaked images in an expletive ladened post. The payment for Maoan’s potentially lucrative picks appears to have been a single selfie. It appears that when the picks were wrong, the other party reported Maoan to Riot Games.

Maoan’s suspension means that Beyond Gaming must face Hanwha Life Esports, and top-tier mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon without their primary mid laner.

Fans and supporters of Beyond Gaming have universally condemned Maoan, but rallied behind teammate Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan. The bottom laner has been a stand-out player for his team, by some reports, single-handedly winning games for his squad.

Beyond Gaming faces HLE on October 9 at 13:00 CEST.


EA Sports Considering a FIFA Rebrand: How Will This Affect Players?

EA Sports released a statement on their website detailing the future of football and the FIFA series. The developer is considering renaming the series and rebranding the games going forward. On a business level this make sense, but what does this mean for players?

FIFA is essentially synonymous with football games at this point, and fans of the series may have grown attached to the name. However, EA Sports has plans to expand the games in a way that can get pigeonholed by continually bearing the name of one particular association. In their statement, EA explains a bit about this vision, saying:

“We continually invest in the partnerships and licenses that are most meaningful to players… The breadth of our partnerships and our ecosystem of licensed content will enable us to continue to bring unrivaled authenticity in our EA SPORTS football games”

FIFA may be EA’s most high-profile partnership, but they license over 700 teams and more than 30 leagues from around the world. There’s also interest in expanding the inclusion of women’s and grassroots football. EA feels as if the FIFA name does not accurately represent the broader vision for the future of the series.

What this means is that players can look forward to an even larger scale game with new content. That includes more leagues, a deeper dive into women’s football, as well as the different depictions and licenses that come along with that. There may be a nostalgia aspect to the FIFA name, but it’ll be traded for the ability to play in new locations and with new players as the game expands. Business wise, this change has been a long time coming; with many who feel the games have done more for the actual association than licensing the name ever did for EA. From a players perspective the name doesn’t matter as much, but the direction in which this means the series is going definitely does.

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DetonatioN FocusMe Makes History At Worlds 2021

Japanese League of Legends team DetonatioN FocusMe have made history at Worlds 2021, becoming the first team from the country to make it to the group stage. The team defeated Cloud 9 during the play in stage to secure the victory.

Their victory secures a group stage spot for an LJL team for the first time in Worlds history.

DetonatioN FocusMe have become somewhat of a staple of international League of Legends competition in recent years. The team reached their first Worlds in 2018.

They followed it up with an 8-9th place finish at the 2019 Mid Season Invitational, and another trip to Worlds that year. Again the team failedd to make it out of the Play-in stage, but still took at least one series win that tournament.

The team missed out on Worlds in and MSI in 2020, but returned for MSI 2021, and now Worlds 2021. The playoff position already marks the highest finish at an international tournament for both the team, but the LJL region as a whole.

Surprise at the victory swept over the Twitter world as the LJL team claimed a win over North America’s Cloud9. NA’s representatives in the play-ins have underperformed, and may contribute once more to the NA flying home early memes.

But beyond salty NA fans, most who love competitive League of Legends are excited to see the tiny Japanese server represented well on the international stage.