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Lil is now a part of HellRaisers

Although ESL One Germany has already started, one of the participating teams has decided to make an early roster change. HellRaisers have had some dramatic roster changes in the last couple of months. The team swapped out most out of their players – seemingly a good decision as their results have improved significantly.

Who’s the newest team member?

The newest addition to HellRaiser’s squad is none other than Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk, one of the best CIS support players. He will take the position four role, where he shines the most.

Although some of you might be surprised, this move was expected. Lil played for HellRaiers in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: EU/CUS. Now, a few days later, HR have confirmed that Lil is a fulltime member of the team.

After this addition, we’ll now have to wait and see whether Alexey “nongrata” Vasilyev will do the same. The player will be a part of HR’s team for the upcoming event. Speaking of the event, you can watch it by clicking HERE.

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CoreJJ Wins LCS Summer MVP After First-Place Finish to Regular Season

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in has been crowned the LCS 2020 Summer MVP, securing his second season MVP award in two years. The Team Liquid Support player was announced as the winner on the afternoon of September 4th across the LCS’s official social media.

The award comes after a landmark season for the veteran support and one of the best showings for him following his return to the North American Region. Team Liquid rocketed from a dismal ninth-place finish in the LCS 2020 Spring Season, to a dominant first-place next split in Summer 2020 – Thanks in part to the impressive place of CoreJJ.

An in-game leader for the squad, Team Liquid’s Summer record with CoreJJ was an impressive 15-3. The support player garnering individual game MVP honors in week two, twice in week six, and again in week seven. In the Summer playoffs his performance saw the team advance to the upper-bracket finals. However, the team would unfortunately fall to FlyQuest in the fourth round. The squad now contends with TSM for a possible rematch against FQ for the title of playoff champions.

This, combined with his ever expanding popularity of CoreJJ has made him a natural candidate for MVP. Since his return to NA in 2019 CoreJJ has lived up to his reputation as a international-calibre talent. A former World Champion with Samsung Galaxy in 2017, Team Liquid’s support superstar now looks at a return to Worlds. It would be his fifth trip to the championship tournament in five years.

But first TL must topple TSM. Then CoreJJ be on the road to Worlds 2020, and a chance to secure his second world title.

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