League of Legends

DAMWON Gaming Win the Worlds 2020 Finals, Defeat Suning Gaming 3-1

DAMWON Gaming has defeated Suning Gaming to win the League of Legends World Championship. The LCK representatives lifted the Worlds 2020 Finals trophy after an insanely close 3-1 victory over their LPL opponents. In front of a packed stadium, a rarity this season, the Korean squad secured the first Worlds win for their region since 2017. In doing so, they became just the 8th team to win a World Championship in the 10th season of the competition.

The Worlds 2020 finals kicked off with a thrilling opening ceremony featuring multiple Worlds themes, augmented reality performances from KDA, and choral performances. Featuring previous Worlds hits such as Rise, Warriors, and Take Over, the multiple performances and highly featured live crowd hyped-up the event to no end.  The performance culminated in the reveal of the Worlds 2020 trophy.

Damwon immediately discovered the home-field advantage Suning would be playing with. The blistering applause for Damwon’s opponents versus the stoney quiet when Damwon were introduced was in stark contrast. Although Damwon were the clear favourites, the crowd, which had been absent from all other stages of this event, would clearly be a vital part of this finals.

Suning kicked off their game one draft with bans against Nidalee, Lucian and Twisted Fate, while Damwon took away Camille, Syndra, and Jhinn. The first round of picks saw the immediate pick up of Graves for Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, with Suning prioritising Leona for Hu “SwordArt” huo-Chieh.

As Damwon got into game they immediately pressured the jungle, and grabbed the first drake. Even with Suning taking first blood, it was Damwon who quickly grabbed a Mountain Drake off the back of the toplane death. But even with these advantages Suning were able to hang on and prevent a snowball. Instead they turned multiple ganks around into their own set of kills, staying neck and neck with the Korean team.

Moving into the mid game Suning set up great vision to contest the fourth dragon. However, a series of disastrous fights that saw Suning split meant they still conceded it, and put the potential of a 28-minute Elder Dragon on the table. 

But out of nowhere, Suning were able to grab a series of kills that put them back into the picture to contest the Elder buff. After a crazy engage from SwordArt, Suning were able to grab the elder buff, while Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin suicided to buy time. However, after Damwon grabbed a pair of barons, things quickly collapsed for Suning, as they dropped the first game. The infernal drake advantage was just too much in the end.

For game two, Suning opted to put their top laner, Bin, on a more aggressive Fiora pick. They seemed to hope this would enable his hard-engage style from the previous game to be more effective. However, Damwon retained their strong execution, and were quickly able to gain the upper hand. But it was the Rengar from Lê “SofM” Quang Duy that was the difference maker. In a incredible performance, the LPL’s representatives punished Damwon’s reservation and discipline, catching them out.

With both Fiora and Rengar incredibly fed, there was nothing Damwon could do but watch as Suning pushed into their base. In a desperate engagement, Damwon attempted to prevent the inevitable. But with nothing to slow down the Fiora, Bin was gifted a pentakill, the first one ever in a Worlds final. Suning took game two, and pushed us to a guaranteed four-game matchup.

Game three, Dawmon shot out the gate with a quick first blood by Canyon onto Bin in the top. But after seemingly being in control the entire game, Suning pulled out a surprise fight at Baron and stole the momentum. With Baron buff and SUning attempted to push into Damwon’s base. However, with Elder Dragon spawning, both teams backed off to try and contest it. After a crucial fight at the drake pit, Suning came away with two dead and the Elder Dragon buff, while Damwon went back to base empty-handed.

But even empty-handed, Damwon are dangerous. Rushing to Baron, Damwon grabbed the second buff of the game, sprinted down mid and took the win. A single mistake spelled disaster for Suning, and Damwon were one victory away from a World title.

For game four, Damwon picked up a heavily long-ranged comp, while Suning opted for several comfort picks. The Korean team quickly jumped to a one kill lead, and with unprecedented aggression attempted to quickly put away Suning. The Chinese squad shot back with a number of trade kills, but the advantage Damwon had built in the lane looked to be just too much. Suning just appeared to fall apart, and ultimately, Damwon were able to secure the win.

Damwon lift the Summoner’s Cup after an incredible series, while Suning are left to hope they can battle their way through the highly competitive LPL scene to reach these heights again. It’s been an incredible Worlds, which despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, has still lived up to expectations. Congratulations DAMWON Gaming!

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Call of Duty

London Royal Ravens announce roster ahead of CDL 2021 season

With the CDL season right around the corner, London Royal Ravens become the next team to announce their four-man roster.

The roster contains some familiar faces, including the coaching staff. Dylan, Zer0 and Seany have made a return to the all-British squad whilst Alexx joined on a transfer from Minnesota Rokkr.

Dominate, Ravens’ head coach, has returned to his former role on the team. Shane has also joined the team once again but this time will take the role of assistant head coach.

To the surprise of many, twin brothers Skrapz and Wuskin were left out of the squad this year despite having a huge presence in the roster last year.

With the four-man squad confirmed and locked in, let’s take a closer look at the new Ravens.

Sean “Seany” O’Connor

The Scottish phenom, Seany, has been a top player in the UK scene over the past five years. He seems to fit in to any team that he finds himself on and his talent always shines through.

Despite not having any major wins, Seany can undoubtedly compete among the best and it will only be a matter of time before he secures a chip.

Trei “Zer0” Morris

Like Seany, Zer0 has been competing in the scene for the past five years. His most notable performances being under Splyce and Red Reserve where he found some success.

Zer0 performed well last year under the Ravens but he will surely look to improve and bring one home for the Brits.

Thomas “Dylan” Henderson

Dylan has “got a lot to prove” after no success last year on the London franchise. He is one of the most talented players in the scene and is well-known for his outrageous plays.

He has only recently made his mark at the top of the pile after joining Reciprocity in 2019. However, his short time in the limelight has gained him a large following and respect due to his rare talent on the sticks.

It will be interesting to see how he performs with new addition and former teammate Alexx this year.

Alex “Alexx” Carpenter

Alexx, like Dylan, has only been around the professional scene in the last two to three years. However, he has proven why so many teams are keen to snap him up with consistent impressive performances.

Dylan, Seany and Alexx all reunite after parting ways from Reciprocity last year. The squad will be eager to prove people wrong and win some trophies for the UK fans.

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OG dominate Group A of the BLAST Premier Fall 2020

OG are the champions of the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Group A. The team took out Na’Vi and EG in their path to Group victory, with them missing out on facing NiP. The win advances them to the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals in December.

How OG won

OG took the group by surprise as the team managed to take down Natus Vincere twice in the Group, once in the Upper Backer and once again in the Finals, and beat Evil Geniuses in the opening round.

The win against Evil Geniuses was quite the surprise, this is one of the only times a North American team has faced off against a European team all year long. Evil Geniuses was looking like the best team in North America for the majority of 2020. Although they have recently fallen off their pedestal as FURIA and the now-disbanded 100 Thieves roster stepped up and entered the last two Grand Finals of North American events.

The surprise here is that EG, even with them looking like the 3rd best NA team as it stands lost to one of Europe’s more beatable teams that exist in Tier 1 European CS:GO. The series went 2-1 to OG, with EG getting reverse swept after their opening win on Mirage 16-9. OG took Inferno 16-9 and Overpass 16-14.

OG came online on the final map precisely when they needed to

Moving on, OG faced Natus Vincere in the opening bracket. Surprisingly, OG got the win as they met the not so great version of Na’Vi. Mirage was a close opener with OG creeping in the 16-14 win, but OG took the reigns on Dust II and won 16-9.

The rematch in the Group A Grand Final was something else. Na’Vi got progressively stronger the more the tournament went on, especially after their long haul series against NiP in the Lower Bracket FInal earlier in the day. The likes of Na’Vi’s Denis “electronic” Sharipov and Egor “flamie” Vasilev woke up and the three pillars of Na’Vi’s fragging sides had come online. The momentum moving on from NiP to OG was scary, but OG was able to withstand.

The Final

There was a bit of a repeat in the opening of the Group A Grand Final. OG gave us a blast from the past with another 16-9 win on Dust II. However, Na’Vi had their own game plan on Mirage, and they won that 16-10. Both teams had somehow managed to take the win on the other team’s map pick, which made the decider on Nuke even more interesting.

While the last map was close, the scales began to tip in favour of OG by the half. Nuke is notoriously a CT sided map, but recent events have shown top teams are getting better at the T-side of Nuke. After losing the first four rounds of the map, OG managed to pull off seven straight wins on the T side. This is big momentum on Nuke, especially since the T’s won more rounds overall in the first half of the map. From there, OG had the advantage and managed to claim the map 16-12.

Just one of the many reasons why OG managed such a great T side

The biggest drawback for Na’Vi this series was the disappearance of both Flamie and Electronic in the final map. Electronic only scored a 0.72 rating, while Flamie fell to 0.88 ratings. The three pillars of Na’Vi had collapsed when it mattered the most, and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostylie was not strong enough to keep the roof from falling down.

With the Nuke win, OG become the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Group A Champions. Because OG and Na’Vi both made it to the Group A Final, they both head to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals on the 8th December. It was great seeing OG coordinate well with each other, with the likes of Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski having a great series with a 1.27 average rating across the three maps. The rest of the team on average scored between 0.98 to 1.09 ratings across all three maps, showing OG’s individual consistency throughout the entire series. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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Dota 2

Mudgolems put an end to Team Secret’s 4 month streak

Ever since COVID-19 took over the world and the Dota 2 pro scene moved to an online format, Team Secret has easily been the most dominant team. In fact, they’ve won pretty much every tournament that they’ve played in.

However, it seems their luck has come to an end, as they’ve finally lost against Mudgolems. This was their first loss in over four months, which means that they will have to play in the LB of ESL One Germany.

What happened?

Needless to say, Mudgolems was an underdog in this series. In fact, most expected Team Secret to rip through them, but this never happened. Fata- and his team-mates had a four-day break and it seems that they used that time to learn about Secret’s weak spots.

The first game of the series looked pretty even during the drafting stage. Nonetheless, Mudgolems’ last pick Chaos Knight proved to be a little bit too strong for Secret to deal with. Furthermore, the team also used their IO and Undying for rotations around the map, which allowed them to have enough space for their cores to farm. Although Secret tried to bounce back, their efforts were futile and they had to concede game one.

Victory had a massive effect on Mudgolems. Even though the panel didn’t give them much chance, Fata and Co. also dominated in the second game of this amazing series.

They decided to pick IO yet again, but instead of pairing him with CK, they went for Sven. This is one of those heroes that’s capable of winning the game on his own, as long as he gets a good start.

Team Secret tried to stick more to the meta, picking Phantom Assassin. This hero is generally considered to be a good pick against Sven, but it didn’t work this time.

The game began relatively slow as neither team was willing to make risky moves. However, once Sven got his core items, things quickly changed for the worse for Secret.

They didn’t really have an answer for Mudgolem’s aggression, which meant they had no other option but to use the GG call. Following the loss, Team Secret will have to play in the LB of the event. On the other side, Mudgolems have secured themselves a top-three finish at ESL One Germany.

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League of Legends

Team Liquid’s Jensen signs 4.2 million dollar deal

Worlds 2020 might not be wrapped up, but the big offseason deals are already flying! Namely Team Liquid’s starting mid laner, Nicolaj “Jensen” ( Link listen) Jensen, reportedly signing a $4.2 million, three-year deal resigning with his squad.

Travis Gafford broke the news of Jensen’s 4.2 million dollar deal, and it quickly spread across social media.

The move locks in one of North America’s most talented regional stars for Team Liquid. What’s more, the signing prevents TL’s major rival, Team SoloMid, from making a bid for the player. TSM recently saw their own starting midlaner, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, retire to a coaching position. As a result, TSM are just one of many NA organisations in the market for a new star mid player.

Jensen was a key part of the Team Liquid squad that represented NA at Worlds 2020 this year. After a sketchy season that saw the team fall to third seed, the squad redeemed themselves with one of the best international performances for NA in recent memory. Jensen has always been an international-calibre star, but his NA teams have often prevented him from proving himself on the Worlds’ stage.

Jensen’s 4.2 million dollar deal makes him one of the highest paid players in North America – for now. Especially as rumours stir that one of the best players in Europe, G2 Esports’ Luka “Perkz” Perković, may be headed to free-agency.

Wherever Perkz lands, TL have still managed to secure their talented mid star and in many cases, team leader. With more security in their roster, the organization can make aggressive moves in the off season.

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Heroic topple Vitality at DreamHack Open Fall 2020

Heroic continue their rise to the top of European CS:GO as the Danish roster took down Vitality in a full best-of-five series to win DreamHack Open Fall 2020. This is the second time that Heroic has taken down Vitality in a Grand Final, as they did so at ESL One Cologne. With the victory, Heroic earn themselves $33,000 USD and a trip to the IEM Global Challenge in December. Let’s take a look at how they won DreamHack Open Fall 2020 and all the big storylines to come out of the event.

The Road to the Championship

Heroic had no right to win the tournament the way they started. The side started off the event poorly, leaving the group with a 1-2 scoreline, only beating out Endpoint to survive the Group Stage, with G2 and Astralis coming out ahead above them.

With that Group Stage result, they began their journey through the Lower Bracket playoffs where they would be forged through the flames of war.

The start of the journey began with eliminating North from the event in a 2-0 series. The first map was too close with Nuke heading to Heroic 22-20. The series closed on Vertigo with a 16-10 win. Heroic then moved on to face Sprout, which ended 2-1. The results of that series was 16-11 on Mirage, 10-16 on Train, and 16-12 on Nuke.

Although the Danes picked themselves up there and really began elevating their game. With the weaker teams eliminated, they were onto the big guns of BIG. Big and Heroic are no strangers to each other, with both teams rising up the World rankings in 2020. The series was a banger as expected, with the result going 2-1 to Heroic. Vertigo was won 16-5, with Big returning to stomp in a 16-8 Mirage win. The decider followed the stomping ground of a 16-5 victory for Heroic.

The following series was a sign of the improvement the team made as they took down NiP and then Astralis. Both series had close maps, losses and big wins. But these themes were not enough to stop Heroic. Both series went 2-1 to Heroic, which is a sign of that Heroic’s run has been one of continuous improvement with their backs against the wall. Not to mention that different player’s coming in clutch at the right time.

The Danish derby is one of the best narratives in CS:GO right now

The Finals

With the victory against Astralis in the final round of the Lower Bracket, they took on Vitality, who had a perfect run through the event. Despite a perfect run through DreamHack Open Fall 2020, Heroic managed to clinch the series 3-2. The thing about this series is that both teams put in the work to claim the trophy, however, fatigue seems to have got to Vitality since their game slipped at the very end.

Vitality started off the series with an overpass victory. Vitality earned the win after beating Heroic 19-17. The disappointing part of about this is that vitality was 14-7 at one point. But clutches from all members on the Heroic side was key to cementing overtime comebacks.

Niko with a great clutch to get them back in the game

Nuke too was an overtime battle, with both teams battling with intense plays and set pieces. The battle came to an end when Heroic won yet another 22-20 on Nuke, proving they can keep it cool on one of CS:GO’s hottest maps.

Things started cooling off come the third map, as Heroic managed to claim a win on Inferno 16-11. With the fatigue and clear map wins moving in, Vitality responded with a 16-10 Vertigo win of their own. However, it seemed like the fatigue had finally got to the teams. After an intense series, Vitality appeared to capitulate, as Heroic won the final map of Mirage 16-7 and took home the trophy.

Vitality has amazing moments of their own this series.

The Narratives

Through DreamHack Open Fall 2020, we have seen strong narratives play out. One of the biggest storylines is this is Vitality’s fourth Grand Final, yet they have failed to pick up a trophy. The roster is now heading into its six-man roster transition. Perhaps this is exactly what the roster needs to get a trophy. The French side has everything it needs to win, yet it isn’t picking the vital wins when it matters. Hopefully, the side gets their act together, otherwise, it will be awkward cliff note for one of the best teams in the world.

One the other hand, Astralis and Heroic are becoming the hottest rivalry in CS:GO. Both teams are trading series wins, and the results are pretty close with each team taking a series off each other every event. Both teams went 1-1 this event, which is a sign of how competitive both teams are. Also, Casper “cadiaN” Møller is achieving a 1.3 rating against teams in the top 5. It is a sign that the Danish scene is improving and Astralis has some serious competition ahead of itself as the Danish scene grows stronger.

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Call of Duty

Atlanta FaZe win their own Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational

Call of Duty League franchise, Atlanta FaZe, hosted a $25,000 Black Ops 4 tournament which culminated in FaZe taking the top prize.

The CDL off-season has given us some great throwback events already from Hitch’s MW2 tournament to the Ghosts charity event earlier in the month.

The latest throwback to grace our screens was of course the Atlanta FaZe Black Ops 4 Invitational. It took place from October 23-25.

A total of 20 teams participated with a group stage and double elimination bracket stage. The teams competed in a best of five series for the top prize of $15,000.

From current pros to academy players to amateurs, there was a range of talent involved. However, the gameplay did not disappoint and provided us with some Black Ops 4 nostalgia.

Teams from the Atlanta FaZe Invitational

With six CDL teams and a host of Challengers talent, it was always going to be an interesting weekend.

Here is a full list of the teams and players, provided by Dexerto:

Atlanta FaZeAbezy, Arcitys, Cellium, Simp
Dallas EmpireCrixical, Huke, Illey, Temp
OpTic LAAccuracy, Kenny, Slasher, TJHaly
LA GuerrillasApathy, Assault, Silly, Vivid
Chicago HuntsmenDashy, Envoy, Formal, Scump
Seattle SurgeGoonjar, Gunless, Loony, Prestinni
Mood SwingsBlazt, Decemate, F3rocitys, Slacked
WestrJintroid, Paulehx, Spart, Venom
West Coast Goons Gonplue, Otflick, Ryanbacardi, Savysita
The Boys Godrx, Kismet, Maux, Pandur
AF Academy Archivs, Hyper, Phantomz, Sibilants
Team LBX Exceed, Neropoiison, Noysii, Xotic
Four Horsemen General, Standy, Proto, Royalty
Arial Arise Crazie, Crimson, Horizinsfall, Kyuhm
HYXR Estreal, Fflames, Hazy, Lurid
DgenerationSangar, DeadlyResults, Strezy, Yspry
Lost Angels Aapex, Beehzy, Conbix, TheHolyToaster
Diamond Gaming Spekcy, Uncivil, XinfinitX, Yemon
Magic Huntsmann, Kips, Parzelion, Yeezy
Team Moch Mochilla, Tech, TeddyRecks, Ttinyy

How the tournament was won

Atlanta FaZe were clear favourites heading into the weekend and they started off very strong.

The boys on FaZe went 6-0 in their group, failing to drop a single map. Unreal plays from FaZe were on display all weekend, including this one from Cellium on day one.

FaZe then progressed to the bracket stage where they dropped their first map against HYXR but still secured the 3-1 victory.

They then beat Dallas Empire 3-1 in winner’s finals, only to meet them again in the grand final to play a best of seven series.

Despite going 2-0 down, Atlanta FaZe won four consecutive maps to take the crown and the $15,000 prize.

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Dota 2

Fn is now a part of SoNNeikO’s team

The professional Dota 2 scene has been really interesting in the last couple of months. All regions went through massive roster changes, including CIS, where we saw some of the most surprising ones yet.

As you probably know, Akbar “SoNNeikO” decided to create his own team after being inactive for a couple of months. He reached a few aspiring CIS Dota 2 players and formed a team called Live To Win. Although he announced the full roster early on, it went through a few changes.

FN joins SoNNeikO and the rest

Following the changes, we now know the name of the last player who will become a part of SoNNeikO’s squad, Rostislav “fn” Lozovoy. He’s a famous CIS player that was a part of some of the best teams in the region. Most recently, he played for VP.Prodigy, where he helped plenty.

He will take the place of Egor “Ergon” Kozo, who decided to take some time off. FN will be taking over the mid lane, whereas Igor “iLTW” Filatov will be taking over the carry role. He is one of the best CIS players in the world and will definitely help his team-mates.

Here’s Live to Win’s roster:

  • Igor “iLTW” Filatov
  • Rostislav “fn” Lozovoy
  • Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin
  • Alexander “Immersion” Hmelevskoy
  • Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev

We expect to see the team in action in just a few weeks. There are two events that will take place in Europe and CIS within the next fortnight, so there is a pretty high chance that SoNNeiko’s new team will take part in one of them.

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League of Legends

DAMWON Gaming Defeats G2 and Advances to Worlds 2020 Finals

DAMWON Gaming have defeated G2 Esports at the Worlds 2020 Semi-finals advancing to the final stage of the tournament. The win marks the first time since 2017 that LCK team has advanced to the Worlds finals. 

In a 3-1 victory, Damwon proved to many that they are the best team Korea has produced in many years. They viciously dismantled G2, with methodical play that saw them in the right place at the right time at every moment of the game.

The matchup started out badly for G2. In a definitive drubbing by Damwon, the European representatives couldn’t manage more than a token defence against the strongarm play of Damwon. The bot lane was the crucial part of this game, with the support picks being the make-or-break champions. G2 were clearly not ready for Leona, even picking it in the second game.

Game two seemed initially to be more of the same. But a huge swing of momentum at a crucial fight just before baron catapulted G2 into the lead. After one of the largest Baron buff plays of the tournament, G2 took the second game to prevent a 3-0

Yet in game three it was a devastating performance from Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu on Graves that punished G2 for even thinking they could rotate on the map. Despite some heroic attempts at team fighting, G2 came up short in this crucial game. Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle in particular seemed out of sorts in this matchup. The pair would have previously been standouts in the event, but against Damwon looked to be suffering. 

Game four started off disastrously, with Caps being first-blooded and pushed out of lane. And front here, they went from bad to worse for G2. Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee’s braum roamed the map and ganked all lanes. The support player dominated his opponents, and before long it was 6-0. Then, in the shortest finish to a Worlds’ semi-final in history, Damwon pushed down the mid lane, deleted an inhibitor, and crushed G2’s hopes.

The loss perhaps marks the end of an era for G2, the greatest team ever fielded by Europe. For the past three World Championships, this team has made at least semi-finals. Along with Fnatic, they’ve been a constant face of their region on the international stage for almost four years. 

DAMWON Gaming, on the other hand, look unstoppable. There’s little to suggest that either Top Esports or Suning Gaming would have any chance against this incredible team. Worlds 2020 continues tomorrow with TES taking on Suning for a chance to face this dominant LCK squad.


Top 5 highest earning FIFA players from 2019-20 season

The FIFA 20 season was unlike any other season in the history of the esport. After a giant shift to online gameplay, pro players competed for prizes from the comfort of their own home.

A below par total of $1,144,673.72 was awarded in prizes during FIFA 20 over 39 tournaments. This sum makes it the lowest prize money total since FIFA 17 three years ago.

Matches were played under different circumstances than normal, but they were entertaining nonetheless. Despite the widespread issues caused by the pandemic, the season still went ahead and was arguably a big success.

With the help of Esports Earnings, we have broken down the top five highest earning players from a very turbulent year of competing. (Prize money only).

5. Msdossary – $42,000

Msdossary is considered one of the greatest FIFA players in the world. He won the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018 and has a total of $568,865.00 earnt in his career.

Last season the Saudi Arabian placed second in the FUT Champions Cup Stage 4 and first place in the Middle East and Africa Summer Cup series. Although his performances weren’t up to his usual standard, the online format and his home location undoubtedly hindered his gameplay to some extent.

4. Zezinho – $57,500

Zezinho is a Brazilian born FIFA player who competes under DUX Gaming. He has earned a total of $115,500 in his career with last year being his highest income by far.

The 21-year-old won the FUT Champions Cup Stage 4 alongside average placings in other tournaments across the year. Now on a new team, it will be interesting to see if he can carry his form into next season.

3. Ollelito – $61,607.12

The Swedish star had an impressive season considering the change in format. He won the FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 and also won the European Summer Cup Series.

His talent truly shone last year and he proved that he can compete among the top dogs. Ollelito’s future in competitive FIFA looks very bright.

2. NRaseck – $62,000

NRaseck has been in the competitive FIFA scene for many years. His total earnings amount to an impressive $157,409.43.

The German won FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 on November 24, 2019. He also placed third in the eChampions League 2020 invitational under his new team, Guild Esports.

1. TekKz – $79,802.47

TekKz is one of the most talented young esports competitors in the world. At the age of 18, his total career earnings of $377,927.47 is almost hard to believe.

The youngster looked strong early on in last year’s campaign. He won FUT Champions Cup Stage 1, however, his next title didn’t arrive until August 2020 where he took the eChampions League crown.

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