Two Iconic NA Orgs Join Women’s VALORANT in Huge Week

It’s been a bumper week for NA VALORANT as two major organizations announce new women’s rosters. Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid both this week (March 15-21) revealed new lineups.

The first announcement came on March 15, with CLG unveiling their new CLG Red roster. CLG Red has been the organization’s branding for its women’s team for multiple years, competing previously in CS:GO. And the first name in CLG’s new Valorant venture would be a familiar one to that team’s fans. 

The org unveiled Benita “bENITA” Novshadian as their first CLG Red Valorant member. An eight-time world champion and core member of CLG Red CS:GO, bENITA brings a wealth of competitive experience to the team as she transitions into a new game. CLG has already built a strong foundation, and as the rest of the members are revealed, we can expect this lineup to only increase in prestige. 

TSM Chimes In

Not content to allow their regional rivals to take all the glory, Team SoloMid also announced their new roster this week. The news first leaked on Reddit on March 16, with a video posted from a no-deleted account. The notoriously strict Valorant subreddit mods quickly removed the post, despite it breaking no rules.

A day later and the official announcement would be posted on TSM’s Twitter account. The video, identical to the leaked one, revealed the members of the new lineup. Catherine “Cath” Leroux, Katherine “LunarKats” So, Emily “mle” Peters, Zoe “Zoe” Servais, and Mirna “Athxna” Noureldin were all revealed as members of this completed roster. 

TSM also revealed that the roster would be competing at the upcoming VCT Game Changers series. CLG will likely debut their roster at the same event. It’s a fantastic time to be a fan of Women’s Valorant and of the NA scene overall!

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KennyS to VALORANT? Former G2 Esports Player Eyes Riot’s FPS

Both the CS:GO and VALORANT scenes were abuzz today as rumours of Kenny “kennyS” Schrub’s move from one game to the other circulated. First tweeted about early on March 8, unconfirmed sources seemed to suggest that G2 Esports’ former player would make the jump to Valorant.

The post, by Valorant and FPS news leaker Arran “Halo” Spake, suggested that kennyS was taking part in a trial with Alliance. Although, according to numerous other sources, the player has yet to commit to Valorant or CS:GO either way.

Stirring the rumour mill further, kennyS himself would post a suggestive tweet a few hours later.

The potential move to Alliance and their Valorant team comes just in time for kennyS to take part in Valorant’s latest huge event. Although a free trip to Iceland is probably not the only thing on the player’s mind. Alliance’s existing roster is set to take place in the Valorant Masters from March 12-21, with kennyS potentially taking a leading role.

A Break with the Past

Part of G2’s French super team, the talented AWPer has been a star in both CS:GO and it’s predecessor CS:Source. His aggressive style, unbelievable trick-shot style AWP kills, and general attitude put him in the conversation as one of the greats. A move to Valorant would perhaps sour his legacy within Counter Strike, but would be an incredible move for the nascent Valorant esports scene.

KennyS would be the biggest name yet to make the jump to the game, marking a huge loss for CS:GO. And a huge win for Riot Games and their new shooter. After his benching from G2 in March, a move to a new game could potentially breathe new air into Kenny. Some have suggested the pro’s performance was starting to wane.

Whether kennyS moves to Valorant or not, he’s still one of the most valuable free agents on the market right now. Wherever he lands will gain huge boost in both viewership and popularity, as well as gaining a talented new star.

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Riot Games reveals the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík

VALORANT Esports continues to surge as Riot Games announces the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík. Set to take place in Reykjavík, the Icelandic capital, this event marks the first ever Valorant LAN event. The news broke on March 1, with official posts on the VCT Twitter page and playvalorant website.

The event will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland, featuring 10 top Valorant teams from across the globe. The event will be the first major LAN Valorant event ever held, and is expected to provide some top level action from start to finish.

The announcement comes as Riot also announces that its League of Legends Mid-season Invitational 2021 will also take place in Iceland. This brings two major tournaments under the same roof in the Reykjavík Laugardalshöll Indoor Sporting Arena. This major concert venue is famous for having held the World Chess Championship 1972, often dubbed the “Match of the Century.” Now a new battle wits is set to take place there this year.

Between May 24-30, 10 teams will compete for points that will help them qualify for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021. Teams will qualify for the event from seven regions, with teams being selected from individual Challengers events.

Riot also took the chance to announce that America telecommunications company Verizon would is now the “Official Founding Partner of VALORANT Esports.” It also revealed them as the official 5G and wireless services partner of Valorant esports events. In a release, the Riot praised their partner for its help in the development of the Valorant Women’s Academy, and as a presenting sponsor for Valorant First Strike.

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