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HellRaisers complete their new roster

HellRaisers has been one of the most popular CIS Dota 2 teams for the last couple of years. Sadly, due to constant roster changes, they were unable to live up to expectations. However, it seems that they have big plans for 2021 judging by the players they’ve recently brought on board.

New Roster

The first big player joining HR just a few days ago was Roman “Resolut1ion” Fominok. Everyone who’s been following the professional Dota 2 scene knows that he is one of the top core players in the world. Besides Reso, the second player on the roster for HR is Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev, another CIS legend who has had a major impact on every team he has been a part of.

Last but not least, we have Ivan “VANSKOR” Skorokhod, who will round out HR’s roster. VANSKOR has played for numerous teams throughout his Dota 2 career. Some of the most notable are Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports, and Team Empire. He definitely has what it takes to play alongside some of the best players in the world.

The first big challenge ahead of HR will be the DPC qualifiers that start on the 8th of January. The players will have to compete in the CIS decider tournament, which will determine which team will enter the Upper Division.

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Lil is now a part of HellRaisers

Although ESL One Germany has already started, one of the participating teams has decided to make an early roster change. HellRaisers have had some dramatic roster changes in the last couple of months. The team swapped out most out of their players – seemingly a good decision as their results have improved significantly.

Who’s the newest team member?

The newest addition to HellRaiser’s squad is none other than Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk, one of the best CIS support players. He will take the position four role, where he shines the most.

Although some of you might be surprised, this move was expected. Lil played for HellRaiers in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: EU/CUS. Now, a few days later, HR have confirmed that Lil is a fulltime member of the team.

After this addition, we’ll now have to wait and see whether Alexey “nongrata” Vasilyev will do the same. The player will be a part of HR’s team for the upcoming event. Speaking of the event, you can watch it by clicking HERE.

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