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Valve decides to extend the TI 10 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass for TI 10 is truly different from what we’ve seen so far. Apart from the fact that it contains plenty of surprises, it’s also become the longest-lasting due to Valve’s decision to extend it. This probably doesn’t come as surprise as the Immortal Treasure III hasn’t been released yet.

The announcement also shed some light on the Arcana vote winner, alongside information about the last Immortal Treasure.

Sadly, this year has been pretty rocky. Like everything around the world, the Dota 2 scene was affected by COVID-19. As a result, Valve made the hard decision to postpone the biggest event in Dota 2 – The International. To make matters worse, we still don’t know an exact date for when will the event take place.

Despite all the negatives, we finally have some good news. Valve has officially decided to extend the Battle Pass for three more weeks. Originally, it was planned to end on the 19th of September, 2020. Now, we’ve been gifted a few extra weeks of epic action.

The TI 10 Battle Pass will end on the 9th of October. In addition to the extra days of fun, this also means that TI 10’s prize pool will have the chance to become even bigger. Right now, it’s reaching $37,000,000, which makes it the biggest prize pool in the history of the game.

We’ll also have the chance to see a new bundle. If you purchase it, you will receive 60 levels at a 30% discount, which is pretty impressive. If you want to know more information about the update, make sure you read the full update.

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