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Atlanta FaZe win their own Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational

Call of Duty League franchise, Atlanta FaZe, hosted a $25,000 Black Ops 4 tournament which culminated in FaZe taking the top prize.

The CDL off-season has given us some great throwback events already from Hitch’s MW2 tournament to the Ghosts charity event earlier in the month.

The latest throwback to grace our screens was of course the Atlanta FaZe Black Ops 4 Invitational. It took place from October 23-25.

A total of 20 teams participated with a group stage and double elimination bracket stage. The teams competed in a best of five series for the top prize of $15,000.

From current pros to academy players to amateurs, there was a range of talent involved. However, the gameplay did not disappoint and provided us with some Black Ops 4 nostalgia.

Teams from the Atlanta FaZe Invitational

With six CDL teams and a host of Challengers talent, it was always going to be an interesting weekend.

Here is a full list of the teams and players, provided by Dexerto:

Atlanta FaZeAbezy, Arcitys, Cellium, Simp
Dallas EmpireCrixical, Huke, Illey, Temp
OpTic LAAccuracy, Kenny, Slasher, TJHaly
LA GuerrillasApathy, Assault, Silly, Vivid
Chicago HuntsmenDashy, Envoy, Formal, Scump
Seattle SurgeGoonjar, Gunless, Loony, Prestinni
Mood SwingsBlazt, Decemate, F3rocitys, Slacked
WestrJintroid, Paulehx, Spart, Venom
West Coast Goons Gonplue, Otflick, Ryanbacardi, Savysita
The Boys Godrx, Kismet, Maux, Pandur
AF Academy Archivs, Hyper, Phantomz, Sibilants
Team LBX Exceed, Neropoiison, Noysii, Xotic
Four Horsemen General, Standy, Proto, Royalty
Arial Arise Crazie, Crimson, Horizinsfall, Kyuhm
HYXR Estreal, Fflames, Hazy, Lurid
DgenerationSangar, DeadlyResults, Strezy, Yspry
Lost Angels Aapex, Beehzy, Conbix, TheHolyToaster
Diamond Gaming Spekcy, Uncivil, XinfinitX, Yemon
Magic Huntsmann, Kips, Parzelion, Yeezy
Team Moch Mochilla, Tech, TeddyRecks, Ttinyy

How the tournament was won

Atlanta FaZe were clear favourites heading into the weekend and they started off very strong.

The boys on FaZe went 6-0 in their group, failing to drop a single map. Unreal plays from FaZe were on display all weekend, including this one from Cellium on day one.

FaZe then progressed to the bracket stage where they dropped their first map against HYXR but still secured the 3-1 victory.

They then beat Dallas Empire 3-1 in winner’s finals, only to meet them again in the grand final to play a best of seven series.

Despite going 2-0 down, Atlanta FaZe won four consecutive maps to take the crown and the $15,000 prize.

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