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CDL Rostermania 2020: All confirmed roster changes so far

Rostermania is in full swing as multiple franchises are choosing to release players from their squad. With some entire rosters being dropped, this has become the most interesting rostermania to date.

Players and fans alike were on a high after the Call of Duty League season came to a fitting end. However, it was merely a couple of days before reality kicked in.

The recent announcement of a revert to 4v4 rosters shocked the community. When CDL 2020 champions Dallas Empire dropped Clayster, it marked the beginning of the biggest reshuffling in Call of Duty history.

Franchises have been ruthless in their decision making and more players seem to be getting dropped every day.

From entire CDL rosters to world champions, let’s take a look at all of the official changes that have happened so far.

Clayster and Jurd are the first to go

On September 1, Empire’s Clayster and Royal Ravens’ Jurd were both made free agents.

Clayster, just days before, had won the CDL Championship and the news of his release annoyed not only the fans but of course Clayster himself.

It seems that Clayster’s luck with rosters continues to haunt him as he often draws the short straw. However, with a stock as high as his he should have no trouble finding a new home.

Seattle and Toronto make big moves

Seattle Surge dropped six players from their roster on September 4. Toronto Ultra then followed suit and dropped six of their own. It will be interesting to see who they pick up for next season.

Guerillas and Rokkr release more players

Los Angeles Guerillas released six players on September 6. Minnesota Rokkr then release all seven of their players from the franchise.

This came as a shock to many and made the community question the reasoning behind all of these drastic changes.

Rostermania hits its peak on September 8

A huge total of 24 players were dropped from their franchises on September 8. The exciting announcements kept rolling in but these players were sadly left out of a job.

Here is a full list of all 24 players that were released on Wednesday:

  • Accuracy: New York Subliners
  • Censor: New York Subliners
  • Happy: New York Subliners
  • Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren: Dallas Empire
  • Dashy: LA OpTic
  • Goonjar: LA OpTic
  • Chino: LA OpTic
  • Hollow: LA OpTic
  • Arcitys: Chicago Huntsmen
  • Prestinni: Chicago Huntsmen
  • Skrapz: London Royal Ravens
  • Zer0: London Royal Ravens
  • Dylan: London Royal Ravens
  • Rated: London Royal Ravens
  • wuskin: London Royal Ravens
  • Nastie: London Royal Ravens
  • MadCat: London Royal Ravens
  • Denz: Paris Legion
  • Louqa: Paris Legion
  • Shockz: Paris Legion
  • Zed: Paris Legion
  • Breszy: Paris Legion
  • Phantoms: Paris Legion
  • 2Pac_ThuGLorD: Chicago Huntsmen (Analyst)

The free agency window opens on Septmeber 13 so expect some big announcements coming soon.

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