Dota 2

Alliance win the Epic League Division 2

Before the OG vs Virtus. Pro game, we saw Alliance up against Live To Win. Both teams have reached the Division 2 grand finals after eliminating numerous teams along the way.

Alliance actually began in Division 1, but after losing a lot of series, they were relegated to the second division. Needless to say, Alliance was definitely one of the best teams there, which is why they managed to rip through teams like Winstrike, Just Error, Spider Pigz, and Gambit Esports. The series vs Gambit was probably the most impressive, with plenty of cool heroes on show.

The Final

Live to Win and Alliance played an incredible five games marathon full of action. Although many thought that the European powerhouse would dominate the series, this didn’t end up happening. Despite winning the first game, Live To Win managed to steal two quick wins in game two and three and got a lead in the series.

Unfortunately, the team were unable to keep up with their opponents in the next two games of the series. After a very dominant victory, both teams had to play a decisive game five, where Linus “Limpp” Blomdin picked a mid-lane Mirana. He played absolutely flawlessly yet again after ripping through the mid lane Razor.

Alliance needed just 22 minutes to secure the victory in game five and deserved to win the prize.  Feel free to follow DartFrog on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Twitch for the latest Dota 2 news.