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The LCS Championship Will Feature In-Person Attendance

A taste of normality is set to his the LCS this fall, as the LCS Championship will officially allow in-person attendance for fans. The details of the LCS’s end-of-split championship event were revealed in a post by Riot Games released on the evening of July 9.

Riot Game’s announcement about the LCS Championship

On top of the crucial announcement that the event would allow in-person attendance, Riot also revealed the date and location of finals: The Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey. Formerly known as the Summer Finals, the LCS Championship will take place from Aug 28- 29. Riot endgoing so far as to put tickets on sale online

The LCS Championship is the last chance for LCS teams to gain the chance represent North America at the 2021 World Championship. The winner will also take home the new LCS Championship Trophy. The region only has three slots and there are plenty of organizations aiming to attend the tournament.

Finally the Fans are Back

Riot endorsed fans attending in person, going so far as to put tickets on sale online. However, it also encouraged fans to make plans to be vaccinated against Covid-19, but did not specify whether testing or other restrictions would be in place. It stated that all attendees must follow local health and safety protocols, which may include mask wearing. 

But Riot also faced criticism for the seeming in-auspicious location for the finals. Newark is normally seen as a b-town for events, with it’s New York City adjacent positioning. However, other suggest that Newark will be a fantastic venue for the event.

Journalist Jacob Wolf endorses the Prudential Centre in Newark as an Esports Venue

What’s more, others speculated online what this could mean for the VCT Champions event set for later in the year. The VCT has struggled in it’s opening year to find venues amid Covid restrictions. It’s first LAN event in Iceland was a closed-door tournament, with no press or fans.

Journalist Scott Robinson considers whether the LCS Championship news could have implications on the VCT Champions event.

Riot’s willingness to hold open-door events again is a good sign for LoL and VALORANT fans.

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