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Worlds 2020 Play-In results: Who advances to groups?

In one of the hardest fought Play-in stages in recent memory, four teams have advanced to the Worlds 2020 groups after a tight series of games. Team Liquid, PSG Talon, Unicorns of Love, and LGD Gaming will all advance to the next stage of the event. It is set to kick-off on Saturday October 3. 

But despite the huge names that have made it through, it was no cake walk. LGD in particular had tremendous trouble, almost dropping out of contention entirely. Their opening days were a disaster, and only by clawing things back in the knock-out stage did they eventually advance.

The two automatic advancements, PSG Talon and Team Liquid effectively flipped their groups on their head. The NA team in particular were uncharacteristically dominant. They then advanced to the main stage after highly proficient play-ins. However, the other major western region, Europe, was left to mourn the loss of MAD Lions. The underdog (or underlion) team were eliminated from contention by Turkish TCL team SuperMassive in a close 3-2 defeat.

But things weren’t sunshine for the TCL representatives. The pink ponies themselves, The Unicorns of Love from the CIS summarily defeated them earlier today. The CIS team looks to beat it’s regions best record at worlds in 2016, where Albus NoX Luna advanced to the quarter finals after upsetting some of the biggest names that year. UoL are potentially a far better team than that 2016 lineup, and could easily cause some heart break in the Worlds bracket.

The first day of Worlds 2020 main stage games looks something like this:

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